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Real Time Updates


We use a proprietary technology called Virtual Imprints to keep you updated about our visits while you are away.


Here’s how our Real Time Updates work:

  • We provide you with a QR scannable card during the New Client Registration Meeting that you can keep on your refrigerator or somewhere else safe.

  • When our pet care professional arrives for their scheduled visit, they check-in by scanning your QR code inside your home. This sends you an email letting you know we are on site.

  • A 2nd email is sent that includes a note summarizing the visit, and an image if your feline is feeling photo-fabulous.

  • A 3rd email is generated when the sitter checks out after completing the visit.

You will love the peace of mind you receive from knowing exactly when your sitter was at your home, and that your felines are receiving excellent care.

pet sitter card redmond-pet-care-specialist
phone and pet sitting app
mercer-island-cat-sitting-expert app


  • Reduced Stress: They will remain in their familiar and safe surroundings.

  • Diet: Their normal diet and activities will remain the same.

  • Medication: They will receive their regular medications according to your instructions.

  • Health: They will not be exposed to other cats that potentially carry airborne illnesses.

  • Care: While you are away your cat will receive the same affection and attention that you give when you are home.

Your Kitty is Happy Because...

happy cat sleeping professional-cat-care-bellevue
mercer-island-cat-sitter-happy woman at door

You're Happy Because...

  • House: We are not just cat sitters. We also provide house sitting services, leaving your home as if you never left.

  • Added Security: Because we will pick up your mail and
    newspapers, take your trash cans to the curb and rotate your lighting, your house will not look vacant.

  • Transportation: We will come to you. No more fretting over the hassle of rushing to pick-up/drop-off your cat.

  • Ease of Mind: You can leave home knowing your cat and your home will be in the hands of loving and qualified professionals.

  • Returning Home: Your well-cared-for cat will welcome you home with open paws.

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