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Love cats, kitties, kittens, felines?

Consider purrs and head-butts essential daily interactions?

Sometimes wish you could adopt all the kitties in the world?

You could be the newest member of our team at Whiskers at Home! Interested?

Cat and cat sitter in bellevue WA

Specifically hiring for Bellevue, WA

We have a deep client base in these areas that can provide up to 25 – 30 hours a week throughout the year and 40 hours during holidays. We would work with you to come up with 2 set days off. Most of our clients in these areas have been with us for 10+ years, and we want to find the purrfect match to continue providing exceptional care to both cats and cat parents.

The Catnip (Perks)

Endless purrs, cuddles, play, and head-butts

Thoroughly grateful, four-legged, furry clients (and their humans)

Paid time and a half on 8 holidays

Weekly pay and PTO

Opportunities for Gratuity

Flexible hours – great if you have early morning or evening commitments

No judgment over the music or audio books you jam out to while you drive

Logo t-shirts provided

Independent work – as part of a team of cat lovers

Partial reimbursement for mileage

Bonafide employee (W-2)

On the job training

Online training with best practices and cutting edge content from industry veterans

Fun and Cats – What else is there in life?

The Catnip (Perks)

You might be a purrfect fit if you...

redmond-pet-care-specialist get a job as a cat sitter

Genuinely, absolutely adore cats

Are 21+ years old

Are reliable, attentive to detail, and love cats!

Have personal experience owning or caring for multiple cats

Understand cat body language

Have reliable personal transportation

Are comfortable working with a computer or tablet

Our system is easy to learn!

Can work a flexible schedule

Typically between 9am and 6pm

Are available to work on weekends and holidays

You have volunteered in an animal shelter or rescue

Not mandatory but always a plus!

Job Summary

Here's an average day in the Life of a Whiskers At Home Cat sitter:

  • Visit 3 to 6 cat houses between the hours of 9am-6pm (Be home for dinner!)

  • At each house, you will: feed, scoop litter, pet and play with cats, care for the house, and provide human parents with a detailed recap of your visit using our provided tablet

  • Travel a potential 20-30 miles per day within your assigned territory (with partial mileage reimbursement!

The Scoop (what you need to know)

Daily Cat Sitting Tasks

New Normal During COVID-19

Skills Needed

Skills needed to be a great cat-sitter

Detail Oriented


Able to Prioritize

Oral Communication


Time Management

Customer Service

Problem Solving

Written Communication

Positive Attitude



What Our Team Members Say About Being A Cat Sitter At Whiskers at Home


Overnight cat-sitter

"My favorite part of the job is that we get paid to hang out with cats! It really does not take long to develop a bond with each of them. I also love knowing that the clients get to go on vacation and not worry about their pets or their home. If I ever hit an issue, it is easy to get in touch with Jessica for assistance."

"Some other things I appreciate is that we have occasional employee dinners and it's always fun to see everyone. Being a cat sitter for Whiskers at Home is a fun job for people who want to manage their own time and provide quality care without having to be micromanaged."


Bellevue cat-sitter

"During my time as a cat sitter, I learned so much about caring for cats that I hadn’t known, such as how to give cats medication and how to get a shy cat to trust you even when their parents are gone. I got close to so many of the cats I watched, and it was so fun to get to see them every time their families left town. I also learned how to take better photos."

"Being a cat sitter is a dream job for any cat lover, but it’s definitely not as easy as people might think. It requires excellent time management skills so that the cats you watch have all their needs met every day, the ability to problem solve and multitask, and a love of being in your car. The Whiskers at Home team are lovely people who were a pleasure to work with. They are all responsible, reliable, and dedicated cat lovers."


Sarah H
Redmond/Kirkland cat-sitter

"There are many small detailed tasks that pet owners can choose to have included with our services. It is impossible to remember each one’s preferences, so it becomes important to learn to use all the helpful tech that Jessica has come to implement. Some field practice and a verbal or written check list, and I have gotten it down."

"Jessica is a wonderful leader to have because she thinks of everything! Whatever trouble you might be having with an aspect of a home, a cat, or a customer, Jessica has seen it all before. She is three steps ahead of any given problem and will make sure you have the resources and knowledge you need going into them. Make sure you keep her in the loop so that she can work with you!"


Redmond/Kirkland cat-sitter

"Several years ago, I was keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect job opportunity to lure me out of an early retirement. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the Craig's List posting for Whiskers At Home. I was thrilled that WAH offered cat specific care. I'm absolutely not going to use the phrase Crazy Cat Lady to describe myself, but who am I kidding, I totally am! Jessica is amazing to work for and with. Her genuine care and support she shows her team and clients (human and furry) is so special. I love the diversity of our amazing clients and their kitties. I love that our responsibilities extend beyond petting and playing with cats. We also get the opportunity to provide care and comfort to the young and old, robust and unwell, and naughty and purrfect. I've never regretted a second of my time with Whiskers At Home."

Work Testimonals
mercer-island-cat-sitting-experts cat sitting jobs

Join Our Team.

Whiskers At Home is a well-established Professional In-Home Cat Sitting company founded in 2009, celebrating 11 years of service to Cats.  We are the Winner of the 2015 Business of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. We focus on providing excellent care for cats and peace of mind for their parents while away.  We are looking for a reliable, organized, detailed-oriented cat sitter to provide excellent kitty care on a part time basis and during holiday.

Do you have a deep love for all animals?
Dedicated to their companionship and care? We want to meet you.

Cats don’t understand the differences between colors of skin, races, religions, or gender preferences. But they do care about having a clean litter box and food in their bowls. So just like cats, we welcome all to our team who are passionate about providing clean litter boxes, full bowls and admire cats.

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