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Why Cats Only?

I have loved cats since I was a child.

I learned that love from my grandmother, Grandma Cooper. My Grandma Cooper had two cats of her own. When I would visit her each weekend, she would share funny stories about her kitties, and also let me help care for them. Grandma Cooper had a special way of calling her cats, always in a distinct tone and very fast “kitty, kitty, kitty,” she would say, and they would always come running. These times spent with Grandma Cooper and her cats are some of my favorite childhood memories.

As an adult, I began my career in the hospitality industry, with Marriott Hotels. When I moved out to Washington in 2007 with Marriott, I struggled initially, as I was an east coaster working in a west coast environment. I would share my latest work drama on the phone with my dad, sometimes jokingly telling him that “I just want to ski and care for cats, is that too much to ask?”

familyphoto we love cats in WA

In 2009 I suddenly got that opportunity when I got laid off from Marriott after working for them for almost 15 years. Turns out I can care for cats, but just not ski at the same time. 😊

When I first started Whiskers At Home I was told by a vendor for my pet sitting scheduling software that I would never be able to survive and have a successful business by only caring for cats; “It’s just not done,” I was told. Hearing those words filled me with uncertainty; and I decided to put my dream of a cats-only business on hold and instead opened a more traditional dog and cat pet sitting company. However, that inner voice of mine kept telling me to listen to my heart and follow my original dream, and finally I was brave enough to do so.

In July of 2013, Whiskers At Home became the business it is today: a proud, cats-only pet sitting business.

Why Cats Only?

I have always loved all types of animals. But cats have always been the most special creatures on earth to me. Maybe because they can be so independent. And unique. And just downright hilarious. Cats have always been fascinating mysteries.

I always believed there was a market for a cat-only pet care provider because I have seen how dogs often get most of the attention amongst pet sitting companies. This always seemed a bit strange to me considering there are actually more cats in American households than dogs. In my own business, I knew I never wanted anyone’s cat to be “the forgotten pet” in a household. I wanted to cater to the pet parent that believes every cat deserves to be a star.

Being a cat-only parent of 4 amazing felines myself, I am intimately aware at how quirky, sweet, and silly they can be. And how cat parents themselves are often quite different than dog parents. I believe that cat parents want a company that caters to their cat’s every need; a company whose staff know how to read cat body language, behavior, and what health signs to watch for; a company that understands unique and odd requests. A company that also understands a cat parents’ need to have their sitter pay attention to every detail and one who also provides thorough communication to them in return about their cats. Whiskers At Home is that company.

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