Our deep love for all animals is evident in our dedication to their well being and the companionship we provide.

Jessica Dwyer, Owner of Whiskers at Home

Jessica brought 15 years of experience in the service industry (working for Marriott International) and 30 years in personal pet care to the company when she started Whiskers at Home. She grew up having many pets–including a Chow Chow, a ring neck parrot, rabbits, and cats; and also loved working with horses. Jessica earned her Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist (CFTBS) degree from Animal Behavior Institute in 2017, and uses this education regularly to help train her team of Cat Care Professionals, to advise clients, and provide outstanding service to the felines under her care.

Jessica is currently a volunteer at Homeward Pet Adoption Center, and is a member of their Cat Behavioral team. She also volunteered as an Adoption Counselor for the Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter from 2009 to 2015. From 2010 to 2013 Jessica served as a Board Member for the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and in 2015 was the co-winner of their national Business of the Year Award.  Because of her passion and knowledge, she believes in providing the cleanest, safest and most loving environment possible for all cats.  Jessica adores cats so much that she has enlisted her own feline family members as part of her company staff.


Here are our sitters and the areas they serve.

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Robin - Administrator

Robin has loved animals since the day she was born (so says her Mom).  She joined 4-H with her German Shepherd at 10 years old, and began training and showing dogs. Through 4-H and other organizations, Robin began volunteering in local shelters, and helping animals became a true passion. At 18, she got her first veterinary job cleaning kennels, and although she attended design school, she “accidentally” ended up back in veterinary medicine and eventually became a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Robin did not get her first cat until she was 20 years old; but as often happens, one rescued kitten from the clinic she was working in turned into a second, and then a third.  Cats Tux, Teddy and Taz-man were the loves of her life for 17 years. Next came Rosie, the very sweet, three-legged, no tailed kitty, and eventually “Frankie the Toe” a big, polydactyl cat with 7 toes on each foot! Robin also has a dog named MoneyPenny, who is, of course, a rescue. Although Robin is new to Whiskers at Home and works in an administrative role, she loves building relationships with clients, and learning all about their kitties! She looks forward to getting to know all of the Whiskers at Home clients in the coming months.

Maiken - Administrator & Mill Creek

Maiken is originally from Denmark.  After relocating to the United States in 2016, Maiken rekindled her love for cats to the point of straight up cat craziness (her words). She says she has always preferred the independent, peculiar, reserved, and adorably different personalities of cats, and is thrilled that they can once again be a central focus in her life. Maiken’s own household is currently ruled by felines Zoey and Rex, who make sure their humans abide by all cat laws, most of which seem to revolve around food and cuddles. In her spare time, Maiken volunteers at PAWS Companion Animal Center in Lynwood. When possible, she and her husband also foster cats in need of some recovery or time away from the shelter, and hope to foster and/or shelter on a larger scale in the future.

Camille - Bothell & Mill Creek
Camille has always loved animals, with an especially soft spot for cats. She identifies with their independent attitudes, unique personalities, and love of naps.  She finds the utmost joy in gaining the trust and affection of the new kitties that she meets, and is still honored every time her own cat Mimi chooses her lap for a napping spot. Because Mimi has chronic health conditions that require medication and close monitoring, Camille thoroughly understands the needs of cat parents who may require a little bit of extra attention for their own feline family members.  Camille thrives on being attuned to the comfort and well-being of all the kitties in her care. Camille finds caring for cats to be an incredibly rewarding part of life, and is very happy to enlarge her circle of furry friends with Whiskers at Home. Beyond spoiling Mimi as much as she can, Camille is a freelance musician, and loves to go hiking and exploring in the mountains.
Sarah W - Bellevue
Sarah is originally from the UK but most recently spent 8 years living in the Middle East. When she first moved to Dubai she helped out at a local Feline Friends organization where she fostered cats and also helped on adoption days. As someone who has had cats all her life, she is passionate about the importance of reducing the numbers of feral cats, and consequently volunteered with a local TNR program (Trap, Neuter, Release) in Dubai. When Sarah, her husband and two children moved to Bellevue in January 2016, they of course brought along their beloved pets: an 8-year-old Arabian Mau cat called Binky and a 6-year-old ‘desert dog’, Rosie, who were both rescues from Middle East animal shelters.  Most recently Sarah has added two 1 year old kitties to their family, little Ollie and Zoey.  Binky is still the leader of the pack though, and loves nothing more than eating as much as possible. Even though Rosie is a desert dog (Saluki cross) she loves going for walks in our beautiful North West. Sarah is thrilled that she can meet and care for more fur babies with Whiskers at Home.

Lisa R - Bellevue
Lisa has always surrounded herself with animals, starting with when she grew up on a small farm in Connecticut.  She has many special memories from that time, like when she was able to spend time with a new calf that was outside feeling lonely.  Lisa says her first love though, has always been cats, and she often begged her mother (successfully!) to bring home a kitten so that she could play with and care for it.  Since moving to Seattle 13 years ago, she has often kept pets company while their owners are out of town.  Lisa joined a dog walking company 6 years ago where she grew to love many of the dogs under her care.  However, she never forgot her first love, cats.  She loves being around them, and getting to understand their unique personalities. Lisa says there is absolutely nothing better than curling up with a cat on a rainy day!

Cara - Bellevue & Mercer Island

Cara is originally from the South, and because her family moved around a lot, they didn’t have many pets. Despite not being able to have her own cat due to other family members’ allergies and regular relocation, Cara grew up loving cats. Each Halloween Cara would create a spin-off of a cat costume, inspired by a book series detailing cat adventures. She spent most of her summers as a child taking care of her grandparents’ cats, and when old enough, started volunteering at her local animal shelters in Arizona. In her last years of high school, she amassed over 300 hours of cat volunteer time at local shelters. Her graduating research project in high school was on cat socialization in animal shelters. She is currently finding joy in working with cats again in the Bellevue area while working on a college degree.

Amanda - Bellevue

Amanda recently moved to the Bellevue area from Boise, ID, where she originally grew up.   Her household here is a busy one, and includes her husband, their four human kids, 3 dogs and 5 cats!  Amanda has been a cat owner for as long as she can remember.  As a child it was initially her dream to work with animals, but when she got older she eventually decided to instead follow a career in human health care.   With the new move to Bellevue, Amanda felt it was finally the right time to change her career path, and to  fulfill her childhood desire of working with animals.  Amanda says that her favorite part about cats is how intelligent they are and how distinct their personalities can be.  She says many people assume that cats are independent and don’t need human relationships the way dogs do; but from Amanda’s experience, that is far from true.  She has long seen how affectionate cats can be with their owners, and understands how they miss their owners equally as much as other pets do when they are away.  Amanda is thrilled that she can apply many of the lessons and skills she learned from the human health care realm to her work with Whiskers at Home cat parents.

Sean - Bellevue

Sean is a recent graduate from Central Washington University, and has lived with cats his entire life. For as long as he can remember he has connected with many different kitties, with all different personality types. He believes that growing up in a house with 6 rescues is where his love for animals started, as he learned from an early age how to care for them. One of his fondest memories as a child was when he found a crying little black and white kitten, no more than 2 weeks old, under a dumpster.  Sean, of course, had to take her home, and soon she become part of his family. Traveling consistently throughout high school for various sports, Sean knows the stress of having to leave cats behind in the care of others. He wants to provide a sense of peace and relief to Whiskers at Home cat parents that their kitties are still loved and well taken care of, even while they are away. 

Jennifer - Kirkland & Bellevue

Jennifer has had a passion for animals from early on but her family was allergic to pets. Her earliest memories are of taking her allowance money to buy cat food for the feral cats on her block, since she couldn’t have pets of her own. Jennifer has been an Emergency Vet Tech for the last 13 years, and worked for four years as a weekend overnight vet tech in the emergency department at Seattle Veterinary Specialists in Kirkland. Jennifer loves the emergency department, and how she is able to work one-on-one with a patient; making them comfortable; talking to them; and providing quality care in their times of need. Jennifer finds it especially rewarding when they return the affection and appreciation to her, even when they may not be feeling their best.  She loves cat sitting and being able to provide the same high level of care to happy and healthy cats as she does to sick or injured ones. Her own pet family includes 1 dog and 3 cats, each with special care needs.  They were all abandoned animals she has adopted from the hospitals where she worked.

Lisa M - Kirkland & Redmond

Lisa says animal welfare is part of her life force. True to this passion, she has dedicated many of her days as a volunteer at Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, WA.  Upon joining Homeward Pet in 2011, Lisa cared for kitties that had been newly admitted to the shelter, as well as those who were ill, injured and recovering from surgery. In the beginning of 2012, Lisa also became a volunteer Veterinary Assistant there.  She thrives in this role, as she has the opportunity to care for cats in all life stages and with a multitude of personalities. Her mission has always been to ensure a cat’s physical and emotional comfort. Additionally, Lisa is a proud “foster failure,” and has personally rescued several kitties from life threatening situations.  She is also honored to have spent two amazing weeks volunteering at the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. Lisa and her very supportive husband surround themselves with the love and laughs that only their seven cats can bring to the family.

Sarah H - Kirkland & Redmond

Sarah grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has lived with cats all her life. She has worked as a pet care professional for over three years now, working with everything from saltwater fish, to poison dart frogs, and of course, with cats! Sarah loves forming meaningful connections with a wide range of animals, and learning from each and every one of them. Sarah is passionate about art and gardening, and loves keeping her apartment patio lush for her feline family members and some of the local wildlife.  Sarah received her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Western Washington University, which gave her remarkable opportunities to care for many non-domesticated animals as well. She has worked in rehab wildlife hospitals and at facilities like the Seattle Aquarium, and loves to bring this unique experience into her work at Whiskers at Home.  Sarah uses her knowledge of inherited behaviors and natural origins to ensure that your pets are comfortable, happy, and healthy until their favorite person in the world is returned to them. You!

Emily - North Kirkland

Emily has owned cats her whole life and currently lives with two: Gwen, a 12 year-old Savannah, and Suki, a 4 year-old Siamese mix. Emily was just 18 when she adopted Suki as her emotional-support animal, and they are truly best friends. Emily especially appreciates her strong relationship with Suki because she was able to help Suki overcome extreme nervousness as a young kitty and address litter-box issues she suffered from when she first joined Emily’s family.  Eventually with patience, Suki became successfully litter-box trained and is now truly best friends with her human, Emily. Every cat Emily has owned has been wildly different from the other in terms of personality and needs, so Emily has learned how to individualize her approach with each one to what works best for them. Emily is always excited to meet a new kitty and looks forward to getting to know and care for the many Whiskers at Home client cats.

Heather - Mercer Island

Heather is originally from the East Coast where she worked in the technology industry for 17 years. She is a mother of four daughters and two fur babies of her own: Mattie (14) and Ollie (5), who are rescue kitties.  She has volunteered at the MEOW cat shelter as an adoption counselor, shelter assistant, and foster parent.  Having only been without a cat for a few years during her life, she says that now she can never get enough cat time! Heather is a lover of all animals, and enjoys traveling to destinations where animals can be watched in their natural habitat. Having felt the guilt of leaving her cats while on vacations herself, she knows how important it is to make them feel loved, safe, and nurtured while their parents are away.

Christina - Overnight Pet Sitter
Christina loves how animals effortlessly make her smile; how they are sweet and gentle but also energetic and fun. Her most tender animal relationship thus far was with her very first kitty, Adar. She adopted him from the Humane Society but he fell ill shortly after. She nursed Adar back to health, and was by his side during every step of the recovery process. Once Adar regained his health, he showered her with unconditional love every day. Christina enjoys providing overnight services for Whiskers at Home because she is able to spend extra time caring for and bonding with the household’s cats and dogs, in addition to providing peace of mind to their parents.

Joy - Overnight Pet Sitter

Joy has a lifelong love of cats and a lifetime of experience caring for a multitude of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, birds and more.  She also enjoys taking care of and cultivating plants, and has a degree in Horticulture. Currently, Joy also cares for cats in her volunteer work at MEOW cat rescue and by working at a Kirkland cat shop.  She especially enjoys discerning the individual personalities of each cat and figuring out how to develop a strong empathetic connection to them and their households. Joy believes every cat deserves individualized attention and care, and is especially patient with shy cats who often need more time to warm up to new people.  She loves helping each of the cats under her care miss their parents just a little bit less while they’re away!




Ruthie Ann Dwyer is 3 years old.  She was rescued from Kitty Harbor Seattle in September 2015. Ruthie is clicker trained to; sit, give kisses, high five, look pretty, go to places and spin. Ruthie is our brave dare devil, keeping us all on our toes and laughing.


Penny is a year old. She was adopted from Homeward Pet Adoption Center in April 2018.  Her favorite things to do are; build nests to put her toys in, play and carry around all wand toys.  She’s the sweetest little sister a cat can ask for, she’s very none reactive.  Click here to check out her video during one of her QA sessions on wands.


Eddy is 13 years old. He loves to drink straight from the faucet and he does not hesitate to meow non-stop until the faucet is turned on for his drinking pleasure. He also likes to dip his toys in the toilet so he can throw them in the air and watch the water fling.


Libby Mary Dwyer is our 8 year old, she was adopted from Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter in November 2010. Libby loves to bug her older brothers by chasing them and waking them up while they are sleeping. She insists Mommy play laser light nightly by staring at Mom until the red dot shows up on the floor. She’s our Silly Little Girl!